OWL of Fame

The OWL of Fame celebrates inspirational women cyclists aged 55 and over, affectionately known as OWLs Older Women in Lycra. Women who are changing societal messages on aging . . . one ride at a time!

Defying societal norms...
one pedal stroke at a time

In a world dominated by youth, a remarkable group of women cyclists aged 55 and above, defy societal norms. With each race or ride they participate in on Zwift, they shatter preconceived notions and inspire countless women to keep pedaling.


Team OWL

Women UCI age 62-80

OWL Club Members

Women UCI age 55+

ZwiftPower OWL Team

Women UCI age 55+


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Aging and invisibility seem to go hand in hand.

Studies reveal that a whopping 70% of women feel invisible as they get older, starting at around 52. This invisibility is further compounded by the fact that 64% of women feel they’re less visible than men. These statistics are a reflection of our society’s obsession with youth and its penchant for being ageist and sexist.

The mission of The OWL of Fame, is to take every opportunity to spread the idea that visibility, agency, and joy is possible – and erasure is not inevitable.

By proudly having our ages visible when we ride on Zwift, we are inspiring the next generation of riders.

And sending a clear message: you’re #NeverTooOld

Zwift Team OWL Kit

“My goal in designing the OWL Kit, was to make a bold statement”, said elaine — OWL.BiKe’s co-founder. “The vibrant hues of the OWL against the solid black proclaim: We are here. We are not invisible!”

The kit embodies the unyielding spirit, and is a step forward in reclaiming a sense of agency. 

In recognition of the women who refuse to be invisible, women who proudly display their age visibly on Zwift, OWL of Fame inductees receive the Team OWL Zwift in-game kit.

We are not invisible. Be seen!

The older a woman gets, the more invisible you become.

– Tama Janowitz

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OWL of Fame Inductees

Women who refuse to be invisible.
Women who proudly display their age on Zwift.
Women who embrace life audaciously!

What does it take to be inducted?

A few simple steps…
Your age MUST be visible!
Our mission is to inspire.

OWL.BiKe's mission is to redefine the societal concept of aging. When we proudly display our age on Zwift, we are inspiring the next generation of riders – one pedal stroke at a time! #NeverTooOld

Display your age on Zwift!
Follow and Be Followed
On Zwift Companion

The only way we can confirm your age is for you to follow us! Follow: elaine [OWL] Then wait for her to follow you back!

Add [OWL] to your profile
OWL Pride!

While you're making your age visible in Zwift Companion, add our team tag [OWL] to your name. For example: elaine [OWL] And if you really want to show your OWL pride, add your age as well! For example, elaine [OWL] 64

Add the [OWL] Tag
Join the OWL Club on Zwift
Designed to EMPOWER

Older Women in Lycra (OWL) is a unique Zwift Club comprised of women cyclists age UCI 55 and older. We don’t view age as an obstacle…it’s a gift! Older Women in Lycra (OWLs) are changing the societal messages about aging…one ride at a time! #NeverTooOld

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Join our ZwiftPower OWL Team
OWLs Riding + Racing Together!

Not all women 55+ aspire to race on Team OWL - our UCI 60+ Grandmasters Team. But we've got something for everyone! Join our ZwiftPower OWL Team to find out more.

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All 5 Steps Complete?
Let us know!

Once you've completed all five steps, and your status in both OWL Club and the ZwiftPower OWL Team is 'approved', fill out the OWL of Fame Inductee Application!

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