OWL of Fame FAQs

You've got questions? We've got answers!

How do I make my age visible on Zwift?

Access the Zwift Companion menu by completing one of the following:
• If you're using an iOS device, select MORE in the bottom navigation bar.

• If you're using an Android device, select the Zwift Companion app menu button icon.

From there…

Select Settings
Select Privacy
Select Display Age

…and make sure it is toggled on!

I joined the OWL Club but my status is 'pending'

Status still pending? Here are the likely reasons why…

• you joined less than 72-hours ago
• your age is not visible in Zwift Companion
• you're not following elaine [OWL]
• elaine [OWL] hasn't followed you back

Following is the only way we can verify your age.

I joined the ZP OWL Team but my status is 'pending'

Is your status still pending? Here's why…

• you joined less than 1 week ago
• your status is still 'pending' for the OWL Club on Zwift Companion. 

I don't have a Confirmation Code

Added to the ZwiftPower OWL Team, but never received a confirmation code?

Here's the most common reason why. The email address you use on ZwiftPower is likely hotmail, aol, or yahoo. Those almost always go to spam. 

Check your spam folder!

If you still can't find it, let us know at the next OWL.BiKe Grey Zone Trivia ride!



I submitted my OWL of Fame Application. What's next?

After you've submitted your application, you will be added to the inductee queue.

How long will I be in the queue?

Inductees are selected in the order that they joined the OWL Club in Zwift Companion.


It's been weeks...

See FAQ ②
Some women have been in the OWL Club for a long time!
Patience, young grasshopper.

When are riders inducted?

Each week during our OWL.BiKe Grey Zone Trivia ride! The ride is always listed in the OWL Club Events Calendar in Zwift Companion. Be sure to join us!

I was inducted, but don't have my kit

If you were one of this week's inductees, your name has been submitted to Zwift to receive a Team OWL kit.

It usually takes Zwift a week, so please be patient.

It's been over a week, and I still don't have my kit

If you haven't received your new Team OWL kit after one week:

  1. log out of Zwift
  2. log back in
  3. check your garage again

If you still don't have it, and have checked very carefully, let us know at the next OWL.BiKe Grey Zone Trivia ride!

Have more questions?

Ask at our next OWL.BiKe Grey Zone Trivia ride!