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OWL of Fame Inductee Application
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First things first!

The OWL of Fame is for women UCI age 55 and older.

Before you start this application, make sure you've read all of the steps shown on The OWL of Fame page.

Now! Let's see if you qualify…

Is your status still pending? Here's why…

  • You joined less than 72-hours ago
  • You're not following elaine [OWL]
  • elaine [OWL] hasn't followed you back
  • Your age is not visible in Zwift Companion


Feel free to come back

when your Zwift OWL Club status is approved!

Don't have a confirmation code? Here's why…

  • The email you use on ZwiftPower is likely hotmail, aol, or yahoo.
  • Those almost always go to spam 😉
  • Check your spam folder!
  • Still can't find it? Let us know at the next OWL.BiKe Grey Zone Trivia ride!


Is your status still pending? Here's why…

  • You joined less than 1 week ago
  • The previous steps were not completed 
Feel free to come back

when your ZwiftPower OWL Team status is approved!

Be sure to enter a valid email address.

Hotmail, AOL, and yahoo addresses will not be accepted - as they end up in spam!

ZwiftPower Profile URL
  • Go to ZwiftPower »
  • Click Profile from the top 
  • Copy the URL from the browser
  • If the URL doesn't end with ?z=xxxxxx it's not the correct URL. Re-read the steps and try again!

Looks like your status on the ZwiftPower OWL Team is pending, or your confirmation code is incorrect.

Please come back when it has been approved.

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