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2024 Grand Masters Championships! FIND OUT MORE
2024 Grand Masters Championships! FIND OUT MORE

Cycling and Coffee – The Perfect Match

There’s nothing quite like the invigorating combination of a strong cup of coffee and a thrilling ride on a bicycle. The first sip from your trusty mug is the fuel that propels your cycling adventure. For cyclists like me, it's a ritual, the ideal pre-ride boost from a creamy cappuccino, and the chance to chat with fellow riders about the routes we're planning to conquer.
Elaine Sig

– OWL.BiKe co-founder

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Coffee and cycling aficionados! OWL.BiKe has got you covered with an array of irresistible merchandise, from aromatic espresso beans to 100% OWL Goodness cycling jerseys. Whether you prefer to rock a branded t-shirt or adorn your ride with stylish stickers, OWL.BiKe has everything you need to proudly display your passion.

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Brew Banter
Beans, Machines + More

Crafting a delightful cup of coffee involves paying attention to the finer details, including the characteristics of your beans, their origin elevation, and the grind size.

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Explore Our Cycling Initiatives
Supporting Cyclists Ages 55 to 105!

From our Zwift Club and weekly Grey Zone Trivia Rides, to our annual Grand Masters Championships, we are proud to support extraordinary eSports cyclists age 55+ who shatter stereotypes with every pedal stroke.

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Ride With Us
Join us on Zwift

Join OWL.BiKe each Saturday for our Grey Zone Trivia Ride! Get ready to pedal and ponder! While we spin in the Grey Zone, we'll challenge our 'Grey Matter' with trivia questions ranging from music and movies, to aging and cycling.

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