Want to join in all the OWL games?

A few simple rules…

Age and Gender
To compete as an OWL (Older Women in Lycra), you must be a woman UCI age 55 or older. Your UCI racing age is your age on December 31 of the current year.
Follow on Zwift Companion for Age Verification
• You must follow OWL team owner (elaine OWL [63]) and co-captain (cindy OWL [61]) on Zwift Companion.
• Then, watch for our follow request and approve no later than 24-hours before the race.

This is the only way we can confirm your age.
Yes! This also means that your age must be visible on Zwift Companion.
#NeverTooOld #Pride

Because we have to tally results manually, you must have your age visibile NO LATER THAN 24-HOURS BEFORE THE RACE. Don't let your fear of age get you disqualified!

If your age isn't visible, follow these directions to make it visible.
UCI Age Verification + Bonus Points
For our points based races, riders are awarded BONUS POINTS based on UCI age. Riders receive 1 Bonus Point for each year older than 55. For example, a 67 year old rider receives 12 bonus points (67-55=12).

Your UCI age, sometimes referred to as Race Age, is how old you will be on the last day of the current year. For example, if you're 65 years old with a September birthday, your race age for any race prior to your birthday is 66.

To take full advantage of bonus points, be sure to contact us a minimum of 24 hours prior to the race and we will add your Race Age to our spreadsheet.
ZwiftPower Account is Required
OWL.bike uses an age based CAT system. Because of this, you must have a ZwiftPower account for us to determine final results. Expect a delay in results as they are manually calculated after each race in the series, by age category. Be sure the names match, so we can easily find you.

If you don't have a ZwiftPower account, follow these directions to set one up.
Use a Smart Trainer and Heart Rate Monitor
For accurate results, you must race on a smart trainer. Z-power racers will be removed from the results. Most smart trainers require a 'spin down' or other form of calibration. Make sure your trainer is calibrated. All racers must wear a heart rate monitor (HRM) and the data must be visible in Strava.
Use Your Real Height and Weight
All Racers must have a valid height and weight entered in their Zwift settings, as measured wearing socks, cycling shorts and a cycling jersey. Be sure the height and weight you have entered in Zwift, is identical on ZwiftPower and Strava. Racers with 0, the default, or weights and heights that aren't consistent across Zwift, ZwiftPower and Strava, will be disqualified.

Podium winners will be required to submit a weigh-in video with height.
OWL.bike Age Based Category Enforcement Will Be in Force
Unlike most races on Zwift, OWL.bike Grandmaster Racing is based on age. You compete against women your age – your CAT on Zwift doesn't matter! At the conclusion of race two, podium positions will be awarded for each age category:



Age categories with a single rider will be combined – after all, what's a title without competition! Want even more competition? Encourage your peers to join in OWL.bike racing!
Our Grandmaster Championship Series will be offered in 2 time zones.

10:45AM MT
4:45 PM UTC
convert to your time zone
7:00PM MT
2:00AM UTC
convert to your time zone

Race results will be finalized after BOTH zones have raced. Expect a delay since all results are finalized manually!
Race results will be finalized after BOTH zones have raced. Expect a delay since all results are finalized manually!
Podiums for the first three positions in each UCI age category regardless of zone will be awarded.
Age categories with a single rider will be combined.


Podiums for the first three positions in each UCI age category regardless of zone will be awarded based on the fastest times for Stage 1 and Stage 2 combined.
Who Will Be Crowned OWL Grandmaster Champion?
It all comes down to an all out elimination race in Scotland!

The Grandmaster podium places in each age category have been awarded. Now it’s time to race for the OWL Grandmaster Crown!
Stage 3 is open to Grandmasters (UCI age 60+) ONLY. All Grandmasters will compete against one another.

The Elimination Race takes place on the 23.67km The Muckle Yin, with 282.3m of climbing. This course has a 200m lead-in to the banner, followed by 8 more banners throughout the race. Riders are eliminated every time the pack goes through a banner until the last three riders sprint for the medals with just 1.67km to go. The number of riders eliminated at each banner will be determined based on the total number of women racing.

After BOTH zones have raced, podiums will be awarded based on fastest time.
At the end of the day, one woman will be crowned OWL Grandmaster Champion!