What is an elimination race?

The principle of the discipline is simple: a group of riders sets off as a peloton and at pre-defined points in the race, riders are eliminated for being last over the line. The race officials announce the rider(s) who have been eliminated, and they must stop racing. In pro elimination races, they are required to leave the course. In the OWL Grandmasters Championships, they can stay on the course – as long as they continue at 80 watts or lower, so as not to interfere with the rest of the race.
How will it work in the Grandmasters Championship?
• You must follow OWL team owner (elaine OWL [63]) and co-captain (cindy OWL [61]) on Zwift Companion.
• Then, watch for our follow request and approve no later than 24-hours before the race.

The course we are racing – The Muckle Yin in Scotland - is the ideal course for an elimination race because it has multiple banners: 8 to be exact, not including the start banner after the 200m lead-in and the final 'across-the-line' banner.

The number of riders eliminated at each banner is dependent on how many enter the race. The goal is to only have 3 riders remaining after the last banner, racing for podium positions.

The math is pretty simple: If 20 women are racing, 3 riders must be left for podium positions. That leaves 17 women to be eliminated throughout the race. (20-3 = 17). There are 8 banners where riders will be eliminated, approximately every 3km. Two riders will be eliminated at the first seven banners (2x7=14) and 3 riders will be eliminated at the last banner – leaving three riders to sprint to the finish.
How will I know if I've been eliminated?
Eliminations will be announced on our Discord server at every elimination point. When your name is announced, you must drop back and ride at 80 watts or lower for the remainder of the race so as not to interfere with the race. If you haven't joined the OWL.bike discord server yet...do so ASAP! All discord requests must be made no later than 2 hours before start time!
What about the other race rules?
All other race rules are still in place. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules before racing. Race Rules »:
Who Will Be Crowned OWL Grandmaster Champion?
It all comes down to an all out elimination race in Scotland!

The Grandmaster podium places in each age category have been awarded. Now it’s time to race for the OWL Grandmaster Crown!
Stage 3 is open to Grandmasters (UCI age 60+) ONLY. All Grandmasters will compete against one another.

The Elimination Race takes place on the 23.67km The Muckle Yin, with 282.3m of climbing. This course has a 200m lead-in to the banner, followed by 8 more banners throughout the race. Riders are eliminated every time the pack goes through one of the 8 banners until the last three riders sprint for the medals with just 1.67km to go. The number of riders eliminated at each banner will be determined based on the total number of women racing.

Podiums will be awarded for 2nd and 3 place...and at the end of the day, one woman will be crowned OWL Grandmaster Champion!