The Women's Grandmasters
Short Race Series (SRS)!
Unique races designed for unique riders!
Masters riders UCI age 55+ and Grandmasters UCI age 60+
Join us for our first ever three-week Short Race Series (SRS)
{ stage 1 :: sprints }

Neon Flats

Our first stage is fast and flat with four sprint segments to contest!
Points will be awarded for the first 3 podium positions + the fastest on each sprint segment in each CAT*.
{ stage 2 :: climbs }

Valley to Mountaintop &

Sea to Tree

Stage two is all about climbs – on 2 beautiful dirt trails!
Points will be awarded for the first 3 podium positions in BOTH races + the fastest on the Temple QoM + Reverse in each CAT*.
2022.12.08 10:45AM (convert to your timezone) Β»
1 Lap: 3.84km β€’ 2.39mi | 121.3m β€’ 398ft β€’ View Sea to Tree on ZwiftInsider πŸ‘‰
2022.12.08 11:00AM (convert to your timezone) Β»
1 Lap: 5.13km β€’ 3.19mi | 130.7m β€’ 429ft  β€’ View Valley to Mountaintop on ZwiftInsider πŸ‘‰
View Race #1 on ZwiftPower πŸ‘‰View Race #2 on ZwiftPower πŸ‘‰
{ stage 3 :: full gas! }

Mech Isle Loop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to do a short race full gas? Let's do it! Points will be awarded for the first 3 podium positions
in each CAT*.
Want to race in the OWL games?

A few simple rules…

Age and Gender
To compete as an OWL (Older Women in Lycra), you must be a woman UCI age 55 or older. Your UCI racing age is your age on December 31 of the current year.
ZwiftPower and Strava Accounts are Required
Zwift Club features are extremely limited. Because of this, you must have both a ZwiftPower and Strava account for us to determine final results. Be sure the names match, so we can easily find you.
Use a Smart Trainer and Heart Rate Monitor
For accurate results, you must race on a Smart Trainer. Z-power racers will be removed from the results. Most smart trainers require a 'spin down' or other form of calibration. Make sure your trainer is calibrated. All racers must wear HRM and the data must be visible in Strava.
Use Your Real Height and Weight
All Racers MUST have a valid height and weight entered in their Zwift settings, as measured wearing socks, cycling shorts and a cycling jersey. Be sure the height and weight you have entered in Zwift, is identical on ZwiftPower and Strava. Racers with 0, the default, or weights and heights that aren't consistent across Zwift, ZwiftPower and Strava, will be disqualified.
ZwiftPower Category Enforcement Will Be in Force
We are using a modified version of the ZwiftPower Category Enforcement guidelines designed specifically for our short races. CATs will be determined based on your current women's CAT in ZwiftPower. If your CAT changes during the series, your results will be based on the CAT you were in at the time of each race. Be sure to join the correct pen for your current CAT to avoid disqualification.


*PLEASE NOTE: Because the race series is being offered through Zwift Clubs (vs Zwift), race results will have to be calculated manually. Expect delays.